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Timothy Boomer bio image. Ⓒ Anastasia Boomer. Hi, my name is Timothy Boomer, and I am a natural history photographer...at least, that's what the fancy title on my business card says. Realistically, though, I'm just a guy who really loves nature and who uses photography as a means of exploring it and sharing its beauty with others. I am amazed by all that God has created, but I find that I am especially drawn to nature's smaller organisms whose intricate details are so often overlooked. I strive to capture those details, making images that are both scientifically accurate as well as aesthetically pleasing. And through these pictures, I aim to bring a miniature world of incredible complexity and magnificent beauty to people who might have otherwise never even noticed.

Interesting macro photography subjects can be found in virtually every environment, but I tend to find myself especially drawn to the Eldorado National Forest. Most of my childhood summer vacations were spent in the area, so its crisp alpine air, dense pine canopies and sense of seclusion from the hectic outside world will forever hold a special place in my heart. Wildflowers and insects abound in the summer, while fall rain and spring snowmelt bring forth mushrooms of all shapes and colors. And when I want a change of scenery from the flora and fauna on the forest floor, I need look no further than the remote high altitude night skies, which provide the perfect conditions for viewing such astronomical wonders as the Milky Way galaxy or the constellation Orion.

Timothy Boomer bio image.  Ⓒ Anastasia Boomer.No matter where I go exploring with my camera, however, one thing is for certain: I also bring my commitment to excellence. I don't just want to show people things they haven't seen before; I want to show them with breathtaking clarity. And despite what camera makers would have you believe, that simply doesn't happen without rigorous technique, attention to detail and good old-fashioned hard work. Sometimes that means waking up at 3:30am to be at the perfect location before sunrise. Other times, it means lugging around the extra weight and bulk of a sturdy tripod for 10 grueling backcountry miles. And there are days when I have to come to terms with the fact that conditions simply aren't ideal enough for me to obtain the images I had envisioned. I won't bore you with photography jargon explaining all the other procedures and settings involved, but suffice it to say that I make every possible effort to create images of the absolute highest caliber. After all, the quality of my work is not only a reflection of my skills as a photographer, but also of who I am as a person and of the life that I strive to lead.

I live in northern California with my beautiful, ever supportive wife and my two adorable children, who help to keep me young at heart by renewing my sense of adventure and wonder.

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